David Patrick, P.C. ("DPCo") has been providing professional services since 1981. In addition to expertise in the areas of public accounting, I have experience as a financial officer in companies of various sizes and types of business. Accordingly, we can accomplish our professional objectives while maintaining an insight and understanding that comes from a management perspective. Our philosophy of providing services is to always be responsive to our clients’ needs, while providing services of the highest quality and minimizing the cost to the client.

DPCo utilizes state of the art information technologies to provide traditional public accounting services (audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements, attestation services, accounting, tax and management consulting services) accurately, efficiently, quickly, competitively and in innovative ways that enhance the quality of our services and improve communications with our clients.

DPCo is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ("AICPA") Division for CPA Firms, Private Companies Practice Section and the Center For Audit Quality (formerly the SEC Practice Section). Membership in these organizations provides our clients, among other things, an additional assurance of quality in our accounting and auditing services.

By combining professional accounting services with state of the art "client server" accounting and financial reporting software and our secure wide area network, our firm can provide all or part of the "back office" accounting and financial reporting needed by small to medium sized businesses (i.e.: "Outsourced" or "Co-sourced" accounting services). DPCo provides Outsourcing or Co-sourcing clients with access to these state of the art financial reporting systems real-time, from their desktops (or laptops, or while traveling), whether they operate from one location or from many locations world-wide.   Clients access these systems via the World Wide Web using a virtual private network ("VPN") connection in private, secured (encrypted) sessions, using their local Internet access, from anywhere in the world.

For companies seeking to purchase and implement accounting and financial reporting systems on their local area networks or wide area networks, DPCo provides Financial Accounting Systems Technologies ("FAST") products and services, including windows based accounting and financial reporting software. We also provide installation and implementation services.

DPCo provides U.S. tax planning and return preparation services to businesses (corporations, "S Corporations", partnerships, "LLCs" and "LLPs") and individuals.

DPCo provides attestation services, including EPA attestation services for small refiners, importers or blenders of gasoline who report to the EPA under the Reformulated Gasoline / Anti-Dumping and Renewable Fuels Programs and other "Agreed Upon Procedures" engagements.

DPCo has provided professional services to non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises, including companies involved in the petroleum industry (from exploration and development, to crude oil gathering, refining, and supply and marketing), service organizations, retailers, importers, health care providers, and many more.