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Welcome to Internet Tax Notebook!

We are offering you the opportunity to complete and submit your 2004 Tax Organizer online using a new web-based Tax Notebook.  We are hopeful that this online version of your organizer will assist you in gathering and organizing your information and help us increase the efficiency in the preparation and review of your tax return, and thereby help us keep the time and fees required to prepare your return to a minimum.  

If you are interested in using the online Tax Notebook rather than completing the “hard copy” Tax Organizer, please call us and we will forward a User ID and password to you.

If you have already received your username and password, please click on the Tax Notebook icon below, and you will be linked to the website processing your internet Tax Notebook.

Once you have completed the entry of your tax information, you may submit your information with the click of your mouse.  You may also print a copy of your tax data for your records.

Thank you for using Tax Notebook, and for allowing us the opportunity to be of service to you.


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